Is Spain A Safe Place To Buy?

"Spain is actually a safe place to buy a property", says Ian Hawkins, founder of Safe Purchase Spain, a company recently formed, to offer protection to buyers of Spanish homes.

Having sold property in Spain for the last 10 years, Ian is well aware of the negative press that Spain has had and how an increasing number of buyers are asking how they can buy safely in Spain.

The appeal of Spain as a holiday or residential destination has not changed but with recent high profile stories featuring threats of demolitions, it's no wonder people feel apprehensive.

"It's important to keep things in perspective' said Ian, "there are 1000s of property transactions conducted in Spain every year and the very large majority do not experience any problems."

His confidence is borne out by English lawyer Marc White of Peter Browne Solicitors a firm of solicitors based in Bristol. Marc has recently broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on the discussing how to buy safely in Spain.

"I have been handling Spanish property work as a lawyer for the past seven years and no client has ever had a problem with their purchase," says Marc White. "Spain has a very modern and reliable Land Registry system and enquiries can be made in exactly the same way as in the UK.

There are of course occasions where a defect in a title arises; for example an unexpected right of way or a debt. This is explained to the client who is advised to look for another property or keep some money back from the purchase price.

As a general rule, the people who are caught out in Spain have purchased through an agent and/or adviser who has not told the truth. It can be difficult to distinguish between advisers who are straight and those who are not, and I sympathise with people who have been affected. All I can say is that provided you get things right from the beginning there is no need to be concerned".

"I concur with Marc's comments that the Spanish market should not be avoided by potential purchasers", continued Ian. "Buyers should take steps to educate themselves, seek out the best industry professionals and ensure they benefit from the provisions of our unique Safe Purchase Guarantee.

"By working with our members, buyers can not only take confidence that they are working with experienced professionals, but they leave the notary's office knowing that their rights of ownership are protected for the next 20 years. That's why Safe Purchase represents such a leap forward for the industry."

Estate agents and property professionals have joined in recent months offering buyers the a new level of confidence. Using an English based lawyer who has experience in the field also makes sense, as a buyer could actually visit the solicitor, sit in his office and discuss carefully the property of their choice.

Currently there is a wide choice of properties available on the Spanish Costas, the Balearics and Tenerife, carrying the Safe Purchase Spain logo. Back this with an experienced lawyer and you could take advantage of some superb homes that are currently being offered at remarkable prices.

Finally, things are changing in Spain; buy now, buy safely and enjoy the lifestyle that could only be sunny Spain."

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