Met Police Historical Collection release CD

George Taylor with the Friends of Metropolitan Police Historical Collection

For retired police officer George Taylor arresting the infamous Kray twins and their brother was all in a day's work during his 31 years at the Metropolitan Police.

His experiences have been recorded on a new CD depicting the working life of 68 Met Police officers from the 1930s to the present day.

The six hour CD - The Coppers' Story - was produced by the Friends of the Metropolitan Police Historical Collection (FOMPHC) after a year long project financed by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

George said: "A man had been stabbed with knives and bayonets. We arrested the Krays after recognising a car used by them near a billiard hall in Mile End so we just walked in and arrested them. It was quite easy! "

Also at the launch was former sergeant, 94-year-old Ethel Bush who was presented with a replica of the George medal she received in 1955 for her part as a decoy in the arrest of a prolific sex attacker. Ethel was attacked by the man and nearly lost her life. She spent two months recovering from her injuries.

Ethel said: "I'm very chuffed and surprised. I have great difficulty remembering the incident now so it's lovely that others are remembering it."
Neil Paterson, curator of the collection, said: "We are preserving history from front line officers on the streets. There's nothing better than hearing it first hand."

The CD, together with other artefacts, can be found at the Metropolitan Police Historical Collection in West Brompton which is free of charge and open from 10am - 4pm weekdays.

For information about the MPS Historical Collection visit:

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