Did you, your friends or relatives work in the police service in the '70's onwards?

Silver River television is producing a new history series for Channel 4 that will tell the story of social change in Britain over the past 40 years through the eyes of four different professions. It’s history told from the perspective of the people who lived through it, telling stories that are funny and revealing, and giving us a personal, human insight into social changes we’ve all taken for granted.

One of the films will look at the changes since the 1970s through the eyes of the police. We’re in the research stage at the moment and are looking to speak to members of the profession who were serving any time from the 1970s onwards.

If you would be happy to have a confidential research chat about your experiences or you would like to find out more, please contact Zehra Yas on 020 7907 3469 or Sarah Kerr on 020 7907 3474, or email police@silverriver.tv

Please also feel free to include in your email any thoughts you have on the major changes you have seen, any stories, memorable moments or turning points from your career.

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