Nearly half century service with MPS

Dave Prebble & Commissioner

A former police officer who has clocked up nearly half a century of service with the MPS has been congratulated on his extraordinary career at a meeting with the Commissioner.

Dave Prebble, Bromley borough's Partnership Manager, retired last month after 48 years with the organisation. His time with the Met included service as a police cadet, police officer and a member of police staff.

Father of three and Grandfather of six Dave, who turned 65 at the end of June, joined the MPS as a Cadet in 1964, before becoming a PC on his 19th birthday on 27 June 1966. In January 1975 Dave came off a roof whilst chasing a burglar and became impaled on spikes, resulting in him becoming a wheelchair user.

Dave joined police staff in January 1976 and was a Finance & Resource Manager at Brixton through the nineties, being awarded the MBE following his service in the 1995 riot.

Dave joined Bromley Borough in 1998 and in 2000 was promoted to Borough Business Manager with responsibility for the delivery of all functions that support operational policing. Most recently Dave has been responsible for all matters relating to the Children and Young Persons Strategy, as the co-chair of the CYP Trust Board, with responsibility for youth in relation to serious violence and diversionary activity on the borough.
Dave said: "I felt very privileged that the boss took the time out of his busy schedule to see me. It has been a joy working for this organisation, which I already think is the best police service in the world".

Bromley Borough Commander Steph Roberts said: "The MPS remains a great organisation because of people like Dave, who dedicate themselves to a lifetime of selfless service to their local communities. I wish him all the best for a very well-earned retirement."

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