120 Special Years

Warwickshire Police honoured their senior specials at a retirement reception held 17th February 2015 at Leek Wootton.

Glyn Gardner, John Mills, Gaynor Maisey and Peter Adney retired from the Warwickshire Special Constabulary on 31st January 2015 with almost 120 years voluntary service to policing the communities of Warwickshire between them.

The reception was attended by the retired specials colleagues, friends and family who have played a key part in supporting them throughout their careers with the Special Constabulary.

Warwickshire Chief Constable Andy Parker, speaking at the reception said:

“This reception was dedicated to celebrating the careers of 4 very special people, Glyn Gardner, John Mills, Gaynor Maisey and Peter Adney, to acknowledge their contribution and recognise their tireless dedication to their communities and to Warwickshire Police.

“I am humbled by their achievements as volunteers and am privileged to have worked alongside them for many years. I wish them all well in their retirement.”

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