Are You Claiming Your Full Entitlement?

At the Tax Refund Company they have found that each tax year numerous taxpayers fail to claim expenses against income tax that they are entitled to. In addition, HMRC have recently advised that a number of the PAYE tax codes issued for the coming tax year are actually wrong. Their experience tells us that many police officers have not made the expenses claims they are entitled to and with the added problem of the incorrect tax codes some police officers could end up paying far more income tax than necessary.

At the Tax Refund Company they will not only ensure your tax coding is correct for the coming year but they will review your tax codes for the past 6 years to ensure you received the correct tax relief for expenses incurred on such items as:

Laundering your work uniform - police officers are eligible for an agreed amount of tax relief each year for the laundering of their uniforms and in recent years this has been increased quite substantially.

Subscriptions to a professional body related to your work - police officers
who pay subscriptions to The Police Federation are able to claim tax relief on their subscriptions each year.

Payments to charity where the taxpayer's income is more than £43500pa - If you give to a charity as either a one off donation or on a regular basis, as long as you provided the charity with details of your name and address and that you are a taxpayer they will have claimed tax relief back from the government at the basic rate of tax for the year. However, as a higher rate taxpayer you are able to claim additional tax relief on the gross payments received by the charity.

Free standing additional voluntary contributions (FSAVCs) where the taxpayer's income is more than £43500pa - Similarly to the payments to charity the pension provider will reclaim basic rate tax on the payments received from the taxpayer and then the higher rate taxpayer can claim additional tax relief on the gross payments received by the pension provider. However, superannuation deductions paid via payslips receive full tax relief on the payslip and no further relief is due on these payments.

Using your own car for work purposes - if you are required to travel to carry out your job and you use your own car, you are able to claim a tax free amount per mile. However, if your employer reimburses any costs they need to be taken into consideration when making any claim.

This is not an exhaustive list but at the Tax Refund Company they review each client's affairs in full to determine that the correct tax allowances and expenses have been claimed for each in date tax year and the service is offered on a NO REFUND - NO FEE basis.

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